Chinese Language Course

Chinese is an East Asian language spoken by 1.2 billion speakers primarily in China. It is also spoken in many international countries for communication, business etc.

 The Chinese economy is now the second largest economy in the world and has been consistently clocking a very strong growth rate. China has emerged as the largest global manufacturing hub across industries, and knowledge of Mandarin Chinese has proven to be essential in the conduct of business dealings with Chinese corporations and manufacturers. For a very long time, China had remained insulated from the rest of the world. As a consequence, the familiarity with and use of foreign languages (including English) in China has been very limited. While this is changing, with learning of English being actively encouraged in China, knowledge of English is not widespread, and it therefore becomes mandatory for entrepreneurs and others who have business dealings with China to develop at least a working knowledge of  Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken Chinese language.

 Classes offered for German:

  • Spoken

  • Certificate courses

  • Online courses

 Level 1:

This level begins to develop the skills of understanding and speaking Chinese and introduces pinyin. You will learn to use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases.

 This level consists of five courses:

• Chinese 1.1

• Chinese 1.2

• Chinese 1.3

 Chinese 1.1

This course is for absolute beginners.  You will be taught basic Chinese pronunciation, conversations and introduced to pinyin.

 Chinese 1.2

Students should have completed Chinese 1.1 or acquired equivalent level of proficiency.

 Chinese 1.3

Students should have completed Chinese 1.2 or acquired equivalent level of proficiency.

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